21" x 15" black ink on paper.  
The idea came when I heard many rumors about a revival of analog, which may make me feel a little confuse. I gave the title KARMAPHONE because of it. (no correlation, but that's in my mind) This is just an expression my criticism for those who felt knew everything about the analog tools. "you need to shut yer mouth! and don't act like a child who have a new toys from nowhere".  i primarily-aimed especially for a lot of hipster that many scattered in outside after returned victorious analog.
(((do not be seriously about that note above, I have to say my feelings about the work)))
sory for my bad english :p

sold to GRIEVE Recs
Fatmawati 30, Rossi Musik Bld. 1st Floor, Jakarta, Indonesia 12430
if you always searching for more new, cool, weird and awesome music record label so check it out mates!
vrugarthdoom artwork // matirasa 2012


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