I'm no longer use this web anymore.

To the people and friends out there who are interested in making artwork such a cover art, album art, tshirt design, and logos.., 

please just shot me an email at vrugarthdoom at gmail dot com
I'm no longer use this web anymore.  

take care and have a nice day!

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Winter Shades

Winter Shades // from track Two Winters Only
when winter arrives, when the earth covered by evening gloom, just believe to your instincts, because the realm always watching you.

vrugarthdoom // 2013


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Hymne Perang Akhir Pekan

commission for DOWN FOR LIFE metal band from solo central java indonesia

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Column Of Heaven // Mission From God

the most sacred powerviolence band from Toronto, Canada Column Of Heaven asking me to do some art.  for their next merch project..yeeaahh! (as you know From the ashes of The Endless Blockade comes Column Of Heaven. (Not for fans of mediocre powerviolence)) .
I feel honored to make a pieces of art for one of my fave band who was thousands of miles away from here :)

closer look



check this out mates

vrugarthdoom artwork //matirasa 2012
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Sentinel of destruction

in the end of the death you can't bargain // gelap pusara bergema di antara ruang berkabut dosa

SOLD!!! to Sulfur Clothing

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WMD!! Weapon of Mass Destruction

the killing machine..yes that is who we are, the image about careless, egoism, coldblood, greedy, anger, hater, full of sin, and deadly poisonous humankind.
violence will not solve any problem, just use your heart! 

"Morality begins at the point of a gun"
Mao Zedong, Chinese revolutionary and national leader (1893-1976)

Happy New Year 2013 // vrugarthdoom matirasa

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Wicked Suffer // Vinyl cover

Vicious Circle EP 7inch cover

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Deadly Weapon Album Art

deadly weapon album art 

full preview // layout

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Deadly Weapon // Corrupted

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Fox Holes Records and Booking Agents

commisions werk that i did for fellas from malaysia.


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Cangkeman #2

hello mates.. it's been almost a year i didn't updating this blog. My delay in post are the cause of many project i have taken upon myself for the monsoon. at the end of 2012, i was trying to finished all my work. i hope i can solve the problems. :)
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Carving Life

hello guys.. how's life? 
first, i had no idea to fill the column..
Yeaah, I have a problem about restoring mood and need moodboster immediately!! But i don't know how. There is a lot of shitwork in my desk that hadn't been completed after return from a tour. ..and yes, i feel so tired because of it..arrgghh..it's sucks you know..just for real!
This is some old unfinished work that I did before I went to the southeast last week.
untitled I

untitled II

untitled III

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